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About Generavia

Who we are Generavia was founded by people who love aviation and have many years of experience in the airline industry. We would like to promote this way of travelling. It is not only the fastest, but also the safest and the most convenient. Wherever your travels take you, we provide a seamless, personalized charter […]

What we offer

What we offer Our company offers a wide range of services related to rental of air fleet (airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons) to meet the needs of both individuals and groups. You tell us where and when you want to go. We locate the closest and best-suited aircraft, negotiate with the operator and provide […]


Hot air ballooning is a real treat for sky adventure enthusiasts. It can be a great gift for a loved one on a special occasion or an interesting attraction at a company off-site event. Our offer includes hot air balloon scenic flights, as well as tethered balloon adventures. A balloon can also be taken to […]


YOU CAN TRUST US! Generavia company provides comprehensive services in the field of accounting, tax compliance, HR and payroll as well as accounting advisory services for various business processes. To provide you high standard accounting services we employ licensed experts and use professional accounting software. We direct our services to small and medium-sized companies working […]

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