About Generavia

Who we are

Generavia was founded by people who love aviation and have many years of experience in the airline industry. We would like to promote this way of travelling. It is not only the fastest, but also the safest and the most convenient. Wherever your travels take you, we provide a seamless, personalized charter solution.

You can forget about long check-in queues, cramped seats and impolite staff. Our trips are organized to give you a pleasant experience.

You decide

We will be happy to suggest and organize a trip that fully meets your expectations and individual needs.

By choosing to hire us, you will leave the crowds and stress of commercial airports behind. From short-range light airplanes to transatlantic jets, the fleet that we can provide for you will meet all your requirements. Whether you are preparing for a business meeting or relaxing with your family on holiday, private jet charter services give you all the room and privacy you could possibly want.

All in one

Generavia is a broker specializing in air taxi services and aircraft, helicopter and hot air balloon rental all over Europe. We can also organize accommodation, meals or ground transportation and provide other services connected with business or leisure trips. We will gladly arrange your entire trip to a conference, business meeting or event of any kind. Our services include booking hotels and conference or banquet facilities and organizing catering. We will rent a car for you or arrange other forms of individual or group transportation, and can also help you hire professionals for conferences or events. We are always open to your ideas and suggestions.