Flying is the fastest, most convenient and safest way to travel. Our company offers high quality services in air taxi and aircraft rental. At present the pace of life is so fast that air taxi charter is an essential tool for busy executives who need to maximize the efficiency of their working day. We are ready to arrange a flight to any requested place. We will also take care of your comfort. For departures and arrivals of business flights we offer the pleasant and discreet atmosphere of VIP terminals. You can forget about crowds of travellers and endless queues at passenger check-in and security checkpoints. Our travel solutions will save you precious time and let you visit several places the same day.

Many possibilities

We offer the services of a wide range of certified operators, both Polish and foreign which fly a variety of aircraft types: single and multi-engine, turbo-prop and jet, short and medium range.

We will help you choose a suitable aircraft, give advice, and take care of all the details of your trip. We guarantee the most advantageous custom solution in terms of time, convenience and price.

Safety and security guarantee

We always carefully check operators’ certificates, licenses, permits, insurance policies and other documents, especially AOC (Air Operator Certificate), required by the aviation authorities in each country. In addition, we apply similar procedures with regard to the standards of additional services included in a given trip.

We will start from the rental of a suitable aircraft. We will then help you at the airport check-in, supply meals from the menu you choose and arrange transport to and from the airport. At your destination there will be a hotel room waiting for you, as well as a table at a suitable restaurant. We will take care of all the details of your trip, before departure, during the flight and after landing.

Save time

Aircraft rental is a huge time saver and a great convenience when compared to scheduled flights. You are the one who decides when and where the journey begins and ends, and even what route the airplane takes. There is no need to book tickets in advance or turn up at the airport two hours before departure. Air taxi service gives you the chance to decide and fly the same day. The time needed for formalities at the airport is no more than 10 minutes. Your journey will meet your travel needs, as we pay attention to detail.

Chartering private aircraft makes it easy to reach thousands of destinations throughout Europe. In many cases you can get closer to your ultimate destination than by choosing traditional airlines.

Perfectly tailored offer

The airplane takes you from where you are to where you want to be, when you are ready to go. If you are interested in air taxi, aircraft rental or other services, please send an inquiry through our website or contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will make sure you receive a customized offer in a very short time.