Our company offers helicopter flights for shorter routes or trips to less accessible places. We arrange these flights on any route in Poland and Europe. Helicopter operators cooperating with us meet the strictest security requirements. When preparing our offers, we carefully check if the operator has an AOC, a license and other necessary qualifications and permits.


Helicopter flights are getting more and more popular. Long distances, traffic congestion and endless road works make car trips time-consuming, frustrating and even hazardous. Important business meetings or conferences require certainty and timeliness, so helicopter flights are an effective solution.

Competitive price

We offer helicopter rental brokerage services at competitive prices, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

Get as close as possible

Unlike airplanes, helicopters don’t need an airport. You can take off and land in a convenient, but suitable place. This is a big advantage in areas where there are no airports or airstrips.

We look forward to your inquiry !

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